Carlene Noel – Personal Shopper

Chafford Hundred, home to Lakeside shopping centre, has so much more to offer than a lake view, well loved shopping brands and more than a handful of cuisine choices.

Intu Lakeside is one of the few shopping centres that offers a free styling service to its customers, the service covers all of the shops and brands Lakeside has to offer, whatever your style and budget.

At the heart of this service is Carlene Noel, her love and passion for what she does has seen her land jobs with the likes of InStyle and Marie Claire magazine. Carlene has also assisted on a number of music videos and tv adverts and more recently has even worked for X-Factor, styling the new vocal coach for the live shows.
After recently meeting up with Carlene and a regular user of her service, it was quite clear to see what an impact using this service can have on somebody’s confidence. Even if its just an outfit for a wedding or the perfect top for a night out, Carlene has got you covered. An with all that experience comes someone who understands, whatever body shape you may be.
‘I genuinely want everyone, men and women, to walk away from their time with me feeling good about themselves.’
Michele is a new, an yet already regular, customer of Carlene’s service. Michele has lost over half her body weight in the past year due to will power and dieting and was in desperate need of a new wardrobe.
Michele arrived wearing dull colours, baggy clothes and a half smile but after a few hours with Carlene you could see a clear difference in Michele’s confidence. Michele’s friend said; ‘When I look at Michele now, I see the real her. Her smile is so much bigger’
If you are interested in booking this service for yourself, for a friend, or even just want to find out some more information, head to the Customer Lounge (Located opposite Thorntons, on the ground floor) and book yourself a FREE appointment, there is no minimum spend required and all information will be dealt with confidence.